"Beyond Words" CD
  • "Beyond Words" CD
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Leah's 12-song Debut Album "Beyond Words" is passionately written by Leah West and beautifully produced by Marty Rifkin. This CD is optimistic, deep, thought-provoking, and sometimes just plain fun. This album is sure to be remembered as a stunning debut.

"Beyond Words" est le debut album de Leah. On trouvera 12 chansons toutes écrites et composées par Leah West elle-même et l'album est réalisé par Marty Rifkin.

1.  Orange Bliss
2.  Simple Love
3.  Not Perfect
4.  Anything for You
5.  Spring
6.  Forbidden Fruit
7.  Stuck on You
8.  Caught in Your Web
9.  Beyond Words
10. Destiny's Calling
11. Gravity
12. I'm Not Invincible

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